Mr. Hossein Norouzian started producing Bar Buffering Compounds and related products at the early 1970 in Tehran. Following his interest in industrial coatings, he started producing liquid paint in 1977.

At the beginning of decade 90th and following importing and consuming foreign Powder Coating to Iran and with due regard to relative advantages of these types of coating comparing liquid paint like environmental compatibility and deletion of contamination problems in manufacturing process and usage, Pooshesh Fam management predicted Powder Coating demand increasing in the close future of industrial coating. So immediately they started a widespread research and feasibility studies for transferring technical knowledge and related equipment and machineries for mass production of Powder coating in IRAN for the first time.

After performing various studies and researches, relevant machineries and technology have been imported from European countries and initial stage of products manufacturing and formulation stared at 1995. Day & night efforts were fulfilled to produce a trial production and solving the production problems in accordance with the foreign experts’ knowledge and local customers' opinion. Pooshesh Fam founder started the production formally by registering Pooshesh Fam Baspar family brand after assuring about the production quality, quantity and capability of competing with foreign Powder Coating companies.

Nowadays, Pooshesh Fam founder´s correct forecast and continuous efforts is confirmed by Powder Coatings important status in our country’s industry and independency in providing local demands. That’s why Mr. Norouzian is honored to be Powder Coatings production's father in the Iran and Pooshesh Fam Baspar is known as the first brand of Powder Coating production in Iran.

1974: Production in different industrial coatings, Bar Buffering Compounds-adhesion and liquid paints.

1995: Trial production of powder coatings in Iran for the first time.

1999: Powder coatings mass production in different smooth colors.

2001: Set up and implementation hammer-tone powder coating production lines

2004: Production in different textured colors, sandtex and variety in smooth color production.

2005: Completing Standards and Establishing Management System ISO 9001 Quality.

2006: Production in different Decoral and Wrinkle colors.

2011: Receiving the reliable quality certifications from paint reference Laboratory in IRAN.

2012:  Production in smooth Polyurethane textured and Wrinkle colors.

2014: Increasing variety in hammer-tone textured and wrinkle production.

2015: Production in Metallic colors.