Quality control enjoys a significant importance in Pooshesh Fam production process. Quality control stations are in careful monitoring of raw material provision and final production to the customers. Quality Control specialists try to stabilize the quality by using the pioneer equipment and updated technical knowledge to insure and satisfy the Pooshesh Fam customers.

Pooshesh Fam quality control team are present as a supervisor & customer representative in production process in order to preserve & guarantee the customer's profits as the result in our company’s profits.

Pooshesh Fam Company honored to receive ISO9001-2000 certification from TUV institute in Germany in 2007 in order to implement the quality control requirements in all organization departments in appliance of high standard in "formulation and manufacturing Powder Coatings".

The specialists in quality control department perform the necessary tests for each products such as reactivity, particle size, gloss & light reflective, thickness, adhesions, mandrel & flexibility, impact, hardness, salt spray test, UV and weathering resistance and many other tests.