Our thermoset Pure Epoxy are designed for applications need high resistance against different chemical substances (acid, sulfuric, salt, solvent) and mechanical properties (impact, bending) and also corrosion. Very beautiful surface with high chemical resistance will be created if applied correctly by consumer.

Flexibility and high adhesion and also corrosion resistant are main Epoxy properties. But they have poor weatherability resistant. Their gloss reduce and  color start fading if exposes to sunlight in a short time. After that they will separate from the object because of chalkiness phenomenon.


Epoxy is suitable for surfaces in high corrosion environment. Such as pipelines and industrial pipes, electrical pieces for insulation, medical and hospital equipment, decorative home appliance, machinery and car accessories. They do not recommend using on any products requiring UV light exposure resistance.

Thermoset Epoxy-Polyester Powder Coatings (known as Hybrid as well) are good for indoor use and are in a very better price in comparison with Pure Epoxy series.

Epoxy-Polyester Powder Coating possesses good chemical and mechanical properties as well as good appearance and outstanding over baking resistance. Excellent surface, ideal mechanical and chemical properties, various spectrums and different glossiness are of significant specification of these series. That is why they use in the highest consumption all over the world. They are similar to Pure Epoxy series just the difference is that Epoxy-Polyester have better resistant against environmental circumstances because of Polyester resin in their formulations. But they are not recommended for outside application because of poor UV resistance.



Home appliances, car accessories (which are not in front of sunlight), Office and school equipment, electrical objects and internal panels and shelves.

Thermoset Polyester series have not only the advantage of Epoxy-Polyester group but also they have good resistance against UV sunlight. They are good for outdoor use although they are applicable indoors as well.

Chemical Resistance

Polyester series have good resistance to many solvents and chemical substances but it should test before any application that chemical resistance is appropriate according to final product usage.

Application & Usage

Aluminum sections, Window/door frames, Metallic structural components, Outdoor Light equipment, building structures, Traffic signs & boards, Home appliances and automobile parts which are used outdoors where UV sunlight is present 

Thermoset Polyurethane series coatings are beautiful, smooth and level surface which possess outstanding chemical and mechanical properties. They are ideal coatings which attracted considerable attention of Industries in the recent years. These powders are very resistance to sunlight UV, Whitening, humidity and corrosion. Polyurethane powders are formulated for exterior environment.