Pooshesh Fam Hammer-Tone powders are in unique pattern high quality with much variety in different colors. So they are in high attention by Aluminum industries and decoration and other various applications.

It is recommended to use protective Pooshesh Fam clear coat after baking to get high durability and rubbing resistance. It is in a significant importance to pay attention the appropriate thickness (more than 80 Micron) and thermal shock during baking.



Metallic structural Components, Ferrous Grill with high quality, Internal Electrical Panel, Home appliances, Building Industry, Anti-theft doors


Pooshesh Fam Hammer-Tone powders are very popular. They reduce the color waste and expenses because these powders can be recycled many times (mixed with the new powder) without causing any damage.

Pooshesh Fam Texture powders with remarkable quality create very beautiful surfaces on the objects. Their productions are in different spectrums.

These powders create well and homogenize coating on the surfaces. They have very good corrosion, impact and scratch resistance so they have better quality in comparison to other similar competitor products.



Metallic structural Components, Ferrous Grill with high quality, Internal Electrical Panel, Home appliances, Building Industry, Anti-theft doors, Achieve systems, Elevator components and doors

Smooth powders are one of the main and most consumption electrostatic powder coatings group.

These powder groups are used in most industry such as home appliances, Aluminum section, Automobile parts, Heating and cooling industry ….

Pooshesh Fam sandtex powders are produced in various colors and in small and big patterns. Sandtex powders are mainly applied on computer PC racks, electrical and computer equipment and Metallic structural Components.

Wrinkle powders create specific and beautiful veins on the coated substrate. This kind of coatings is produced in different colors and in fine and Crocodile patterns designs. Wrinkles are used in different industries such as: Home appliances, stove, Teflon dishes, light industries and Building Industries.

These powders create a primary coats without any design on the objects. After baking, in the next process a design is imprinted on the coated objects by using paper or film and related machineries. Wood design coatings (Decoral) with different glossiness are produced in smooth and sandtex types. These color groups are mostly applied in aluminum section industries and kitchen cabinets.

One of the significant privilege of Pooshesh Fam coatings is its high acceptance imprinting from paper or film with the low paper adhesion and not mixing the paper lines in high temperature (if the powder well baked in first step).

Pooshesh Fam protective transparent lacquers with excellent quality create more beautiful and resistant on the objects and are produced in different colored and clear (colorless) types. Clear coats are usually applied as a clear layer for protecting properties of first coating. Also the colored types of these coatings are applied as decoration and are used in different industries such as metallic furniture components, teflon dishes and car lights.

Metallic coatings can be produced in different colors and spectrums. They have beauty and considerable quality effect with high color stability and good mechanical properties. In production process the metal particles are homogenized with the main powders and stick on the objects. These coatings main properties are excellent recycling capability with stable color after recycling and reusing without creating dust. These colors are mainly applied in decorative metallic industries.